Paul Westerberg and Ryan Adams to meet in Death Match!

Paul Westerberg is the walking definition of rock and/or roll.

Okay, Keith Richards is actually, but Westerberg doesn’t look like a mummy yet.

Here’s what Mr Westerberg recently had to say about Ryan Adams:

“I see his fuckin’ haircut, I hear his fuckin’ whine, I see his fake clothes, and then he opens his fuckin’ mouth and all I want to do is smash the fucker’s teeth down his throat.”
(Read the full story here.)

I enjoy Mr Adams’ Replacements-lite just as much as the next “thirty-something aging Indie rocker pining for the good ol’ days” but you’ve gotta admit that Mr Westerberg is one rad motherfucker for calling out Mr Adams for being a “pushing thirty-something aging Indie rocker pining for the good ol’ days who shamelessly rips off Paul Westerberg.”

Or maybe he’s just pissed they both dated Winona Ryder.

Gracias y mucho kisses a Daisy Glaze for bringin this exciting exchange to our attention.

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