DoneWaiting Staffers avoid earthquakes and mudslides, yet still fail to post many updates.

Okay, so the headline is a bit misleading. It?s not that we?re lazy, there?s just not that much exciting news a? happenin? in the music scene in the week between Christmas and New Year?s. No good albums are released, no good awards shows are televised and, with the exception of The Meat Puppets, no good rock-star violence goes down.

On top of that it should be noted that Commandant Duffy, our fearless leader, has flown the coop and disappeared into the wilds of New Jersey. We hope and pray he makes it back okay. We hear the sun is especially brutal in that part of the nation due to all that Aquanet eating away at the ozone and Duffy burns easily since most of his time is spent in the trenches of dank and dark rock clubs gathering news to bring to the people.

It?s just a slow news week, no?

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