Me so hungry

Hey Columbus, you’re invited …

What: Lunch
When: Wednesday, Dec.31, noon
Where: Skully’s (1151 N.High St.) (menu)
Why: Why not?

What started off as a “Hey, we should get together for lunch on a day during the holidays that we both have off” conversation between Patrick of BA Baracus and Atomic Ned has turned into a “Hey, let’s invite all of Columbus to come hang out, eat food, drink beer, talk music” party.

To make the lunch more fun, everybody that is planning on attending is being asked to bring a CD-R copy of their favorite release of 2003. We’ll have a hat or a box or something that we’ll dump all the CDs into. Everybody that brings a CD will be allowed to reach into the hat/box and take home a CD, hopefully one that they aren’t familiar with.

Sound like a great way to end 2003? Let us know if you’re coming by either posting on the Donewaiting Message Board or the Message board. (Hey, somebody bring the name tags.)

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