Dave Grohl and the Rye Boys Say Cheese

Dear DoneWaiting Readers,
Hi. I just had to post something here, because I can’t bear to see that Von Bondies guy’s beat-up face again. Why, Rob? Why you gotta do that to me, Rob?

So, the guys from Rye Coalition came back about a week ago. Mikey, Omar, and Sean stopped by their place for a party. Meanwhile, RD, Richie B., Pete, and I were having beers at Uncle Joe’s. (RD was having White Russians, but what are you gonna do?)

So, I heard later from Omar that there were some funny pictures of the Rye boys and Dave Grohl:

Dave Grohl playing guitar with the Rye boys.
Dave Grohl with his arm around the shoulders of the Rye boys.
Dave Grohl playing catch with the Rye boys, using his GQ Man of the Year Award as a football.

Stuff like that. Funny, huh? I’m so happy for those guys. The new album better kick ass. If not, at least there’s the pictures.

I hope I’ve written enough here to push that beat-up Von Bondies face down far enough on the page so that I never have to see it again.


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