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DoneWaiting Staffers avoid earthquakes and mudslides, yet still fail to post many updates.

Okay, so the headline is a bit misleading. It?s not that we?re lazy, there?s just not that much exciting news a? happenin? in the music scene in the week between Christmas and New Year?s. No good albums are released, no good awards shows are televised and, with the exception of The Meat Puppets, no good rock-star violence goes down.

On top of that it should be noted that Commandant Duffy, our fearless leader, has flown the coop and disappeared into the wilds of New Jersey. We hope and pray he makes it back okay. We hear the sun is especially brutal in that part of the nation due to all that Aquanet eating away at the ozone and Duffy burns easily since most of his time is spent in the trenches of dank and dark rock clubs gathering news to bring to the people.

It?s just a slow news week, no?


Meat Puppets’ bassist Chris Kirkwood was gut-shot by a Post Office security guard on December 26 after a dispute over a parking space.

The guard “took out the baton and held it out in front of him and said, ‘You need to leave,’ ” Killigrew said. “The guy took the baton from him and struck him at least one time in the forehead at which time the guard felt fear for his life. He said, ‘I thought the guy was going to kill me.’ He already displayed that he would hurt him, and the guard shot him one time in the abdomen.”

Kirkwood fled the scene with Harvey Keitel, sprawled in the backseat of a commandeered towncar.

The Who due to appear at Isle of Wight this year, uncertain if surviving members even remember being there in the first place.

I love The Who?s Live at Leeds and I really loved it when they expanded the sucker and dropped it on the populace with a full set-list and an even louder mix. What I really enjoy in secret though is The Who Live at The isle of Wight since I think it probably captures a more honest version of the group?s live incarnation in the early ?70s. It looks like they?re all set to recapture the magic, along with David Bowie and among others ugh, the Stereophonics.

The Who, David Bowie and Stereophonics are confirmed to headline the 2004 edition of the U.K.’s Isle of Wight Festival. Stereophonics will play June 11, followed by the Who on June 12 and Bowie on June 13. Ticket information can be found on the event’s official Web site.

The Who are no strangers to the Isle, having played a 1970 concert there that was immortalized on the CD/home video “Live at the Isle of Wight.”

Get the full story here.

Merry Christmas, Renee: Jack White Charged With Aggravated Assault

Now that Jack White is a movie star (small role in “Cold Mountain”), is he trying to do everything that his Detroit neighbor Eminem does, including being charged for aggravated assault?

White Stripes lead singer Jack White (real name: John Anthony Gillis) was charged today (Dec. 22) in Detroit with aggravated assault after a fight with the lead singer of another band. White, 28, faces anywhere from no jail time to a maximum of one year in prison if convicted. (full story)

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  • Holiday Warning to all the Clueless Parents!

    Really, save yourself extensive bouts of pouting and whining and get schooled on why the kids don’t love the CDs anymore.

    All the little kids say, “What a crappy present!”

    While we here at DoneWaiting would never endorse the burning of CDs or file-sharing or snatching all that hard earned money out of the coffers of the RIAA, we do believe it is our public duty to let the aging generation in on the views of all those spoiled brats who are killing the music industry.

    Also, in a better world, the RIAA would get ahold of Saddam before any sort of Internatioinal Trtibunal…right?

    Happy Holidays, Y’all

    Hey everyone. I’m gonna be in NJ through 12/28 so I don’t know how much updating is going to happen on the main page and on OH Columbus! I imagine the message board will still have some activity throughout the week, and there’s a chance some of the writers will post to the top while I’m gone.

    In the meantime, be sure to have a swell holiday and I’ll be seeing you all (personally) real soon.

    File under WTF?!

    Well now this came outta nowhere:

    Lou Rawls, Perry Farrell and Deborah Harry have joined hands for “A World of Happiness,” a Disney album where actors and celebrities sing about such lessons as being polite, learning from others and friendship.

    Similar to the 1972 Marlo Thomas & Friends release “Free To Be You & Me,” the Walt Disney Records compilation also features such musicians as Lisa Loeb, and Issac Hayes. A bit more out of their context, actors such as Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Oldman, Bradley Whitford and Jane Kaczmarek, as well as basketball great Magic Johnson, also deliver songs and readings.

    (Get the full story here.)

    Is Perry Farrell the new Rosy Grier? Probably not but Lisa Loeb would play a mean Marlo Thomas, don’tcha think?

    Death Cab News

    From a press release:

    Death Cab for Cutie has announced that they will hit the road again on or around March 22nd for an 8-week U.S. tour with Ben Kweller supporting. The confirmed tour dates will be announced shortly. Before their spring tour of the States, Death Cab for Cutie will be playing shows throughout Europe, Japan and Australia.

    In addition, they will perform on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn on January 19th.

    Another One Year Anniversary Show Announced!

    The second (of two) Columbus OH anniversary shows are ready to be announced:

    Friday, February 27
    Little Brother’s Columbus OH 18+
    The Party of Helicopters, Miranda Sound and Silencio

    Party of Helicopters, Silencio and Miranda Sound? That show will fucking rule.

    Chicago, Dayton, Indianapolis, New York and Houston anniversary shows to be announced soon, hopefully. Staff Picks Their Favorites of 2003: Tankboy

    I gotta say Tankboy cheated on us a little bit. Instead of ranking his top 20 from 1-20, he just gave us an alphabatized list! Cop out cries the other writers. But we still love him.

    He also gives us the top 10 Chicago releases of the year, and so much more. Read his picks here and see what the man from Chicago has to say.