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$9.99 CDs the Way of the Future?

We could be so lucky:

Prices of music CDs sold in stores and other retail outlets should continue to decline as the popularity of legal online music downloading services grows, the chief executive officer of leading U.S. consumer electronics chain Best Buy Co Inc. (BBY) said on Wednesday. With a full download for a new album on the new Internet music services costing $9.99 or $9.95, Brad Anderson said he anticipates the same price level to eventually become the norm for CDs sold at retail. (full story)


Jack White Issues Statement

Statement from White Stripes:

“Jack White was involved in a bar room altercation over the weekend in Detroit. Jack White defended himself as any normal person would have under the circumstances.”

“Man, I’d Hate to See The Other Guy”

Paul Westerberg and Ryan Adams to meet in Death Match!

Paul Westerberg is the walking definition of rock and/or roll.

Okay, Keith Richards is actually, but Westerberg doesn’t look like a mummy yet.

Here’s what Mr Westerberg recently had to say about Ryan Adams:

“I see his fuckin’ haircut, I hear his fuckin’ whine, I see his fake clothes, and then he opens his fuckin’ mouth and all I want to do is smash the fucker’s teeth down his throat.”
(Read the full story here.)

I enjoy Mr Adams’ Replacements-lite just as much as the next “thirty-something aging Indie rocker pining for the good ol’ days” but you’ve gotta admit that Mr Westerberg is one rad motherfucker for calling out Mr Adams for being a “pushing thirty-something aging Indie rocker pining for the good ol’ days who shamelessly rips off Paul Westerberg.”

Or maybe he’s just pissed they both dated Winona Ryder.

Gracias y mucho kisses a Daisy Glaze for bringin this exciting exchange to our attention.

David Bowie Rocks MSG

Wish I was there:

From the opening “Rebel, Rebel” to the closing “Ziggy Stardust,” Bowie and company somehow managed to infuse every number, no matter how familiar, with a freshness and power that can only come from dedication and hard work as well as brilliance. His distinctive voice showing few effects of the recent illness, Bowie sang with a passion and urgency that belied his age, demonstrating his theatrical expertise with his typically expert physical delivery and body language. Only with the high notes on “All the Young Dudes” did he ask for audience assistance, in his typically understated British way: “If you would join in on the chorus, that would be too delicious.” The sold-out crowd naturally responded, with a sing-along so deafening that even Bowie seemed surprised. (full story)

Maybe You Thought We Were Kidding About Jack White

Check out what he did to the lead singer of Von Bondies:

These are photos of Von Bondies lead singer Jason Stollsteimer after the alleged brawl between him and White Stripes lead singer Jack White. Stollsteimer’s manager, Rick Canny, supplied the photos in an effort to support his claim that White attacked him Saturday night at the Magic Stick club on Woodward. (more photos)

Getting beat up by Jack White has to bring your street cred down 10%. It’s not like he’s Slim Shady.

Sidte note: How does beating up the lead singer of Von Bondies relate to “the death of the sweetheart?”

Indianapolis Loves Christmas

Between two Christmas albums coming out of the city and the huge Christmas party @ Birdy’s, it looks to me like Indianapolis is the new home of Santa. Very Special Holiday Column by Danica Johnson.

Winamp 5

Released. They skipped Winamp 4 because Winamp 3 sucked so hard.

More on Jack “Black Eye” White

Motor City Rocks is a Detroit website that seems to have the scoop when it comes to Jack White raging out like an asshole.

In an email to, Jason Von Bondie says, “This was not the first time it happened and I was not the first person in Detroit it happened to.”

He also provides the following statement, which appears on the Von Bondies official site:

While attending a show at the Magic Stick nightclub in Detroit with his wife and the two female members of his band, The Von Bondies, on Saturday December 13, 2003 singer-songwriter Jason Stollsteimer was violently attacked by Jack White of The White Stripes, without warning or provocation. White approached Stollsteimer during the concert, physically forcing him against the speakers and began shouting. Stollsteimer attempted to turn his head and face White, but refused to engage in conversation. Visibly angered by Stollsteimer?s unwillingness to argue or fight, White spat into Stollsteimer?s face and punched him in the head and face repeatedly. White then forced Stollsteimer to the ground and continued his attack until White was restrained by several crowd members. Stollsteimer was rushed by ambulance to Detroit Receiving Emergency Center for treatment. Stollsteimer has been released and is recovering from the attack at home. No further details are available at this time.(more coverage)

“I Think We’re Going to Be Friends” is a song I don’t see Jack dueting with the Von Bondies. Staff Picks Their Favorites of 2003: Steve Miller

We’re on a roll now! Steve Miller, England writer, has given us his ten favorite albums of the year. Read it here, please. On behalf of the Queen, I thank you.

Dave Grohl has a few extra seconds, picks up <i>yet another</i> project.

We all know Dave Grohl is tortured by ADHD and must keep busy every single beat of every single day. Coming off a glorious appearance with Triumph the Insult Dog at the seriously important Billboard Music Awards Show Mr Grohl has decided to champion yet another cool independant band.
This just showed up in my mailbox:

To put it simply, Dave Grohl holds the heavyweight title belt in straight-up rock credibility. Grohl has done it all – from his punk rock origins in Scream, to Nirvana, to drumming with Queens of the Stone Age, to launching his metal side project, Probot. And now, Dave Grohl has taken on the role of producer for Rye Coalition’s major label debut.