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Jack White Beats the Shit out of Von Bondies Singer

Jack White getting coal for Christmas, for sure:

White Stripes frontman Jack White may face assault charges in connection with a fracas Saturday night at a Detroit nightclub. According to the below Detroit Police Department report, White got into a beef with Jason Stollsteimer, a singer/guitarist with The Von Bondies, a Motor City band. Stollsteimer, 25, told cops that after he declined to speak with White, the rock star “became enraged” and without warning pulled him to the ground and punched him “on right eye approx. 7 times.” White, who co-produced a 2002 Von Bondies album and has been recently feuding with the band, fled to the rear of the club while Stollsteimer subsequently received medical treatment. Officers reported that Stollsteimer suffered “large swelling/bruising” to his right eye and had a bloody nose. Tara Dunlop, a police spokesperson, told TSG that Detroit prosecutors are reviewing the incident and that White would most likely be hit with a misdemeanor assault rap. White, who is also known for dating actress Renee Zellweger, later filed a cross-complaint, claiming that he actually got pulled to the floor by Stollsteimer, who began throttling him “about the face & body,” according to White’s police report. In defending himself, White told cops he pounded Stollsteimer with his fists. The only damage White sustained were cuts to his left hand and “redness in his face.” (full story)

Note: does not support violence in any way, except when it makes us laugh.

Plotting Out the One Year Anniversary of

If things go like I want them to, we’ll be having one year anniversary shows in February 2004 in Chicago, Indianapolis, Dayton, Houston, Columbus, and maybe NYC area.

One of the shows have been confirmed 100% though, and we can now announce it:

One Year Anniversary Show
Friday, February 20, 2004
Little Brother’s Columbus OH $5 18+
The Six Parts Seven with Brian Straw
and Tiara, Silo the Huskie, Ken Gould

Holy crap, right? Discuss here. More shows announced soon. Staff Picks Their Favorites of 2003: Stephen Mejias

You didn’t expect Stephen’s list to be a traditional list of him explaining why album is great, did you? You’d be wrong if you thought that. Each album on his list is discussed in the context of why it’s important to him. Typical Mejias writing, which means typical greatness. Clicky, clicky.

  • Steve Miller, Tankboy and my lists coming out by the end of the week. It’ll all be over soon. Remember to write your favorite albums of 2003 list in our message board.
  • David Bowie

    No matter how you feel about David Bowie, you have to agree with me that calling his current North American tour “A Reality Tour” is pretty lame.

    Your Office Holiday Party Not As Cool As This One

    Rich writes me:

    I caught The Flaming Lips Saturday, Dec 6th at Yahoo’s annual holiday party. Yes, when we have a good a year as Yahoo, you get to hire the Lips to play your corporate functions.

    In short – they’re great. As someone who has really liked their recent studio stuff (especially Yoshimi), their live performance thoroughly convinced me to go back and check out the rest of their catalog. They played mostly their own stuff, as if blissfully unaware that perhaps not each of the 4,000 partygoers would know obscure cuts from The Soft Bulletin. But they did nod to broader acceptance via a solid cover of The White Stripe’s “Seventh Nation Army” and a steady stream of confetti, giant balloons filled with other balloons, and backup dancers dressed in fuzzy animal costumes. Undeniable energy, humor, and showmanship.

    Pearl Jam on Music Sharing

    As far as illegal downloading is concerned, McCready says it has affected the band’s overall record sales, but artists need to find a way to embrace and monetize it. “[Downloading] is part of life now, and I think people have to adapt,” he points out. “It’s not going away. We have to adapt, and the record labels have to adapt and embrace it and figure out creative ways to sell music through iTunes and [others]. It forces everyone to think out of the box.” (full story)

    The band also talks about how they still haven’t figured out what to do with their next album, considering they just finished up their Sony contract.

    Solid Gold Zevon

    Warren Zevon’s final release, “The Wind,” has been certified gold (500K sold). It’s the first time in 25 years. Staff Picks Their Favorites of 2003: Han Q Duong

    What does’s most western writer have to say about his 20 favorite albums of 2003? Well, clicking this link would be a good way to find your answers.

    My list is gonna have a lot of releases that Han put on his.

    Quick Note on iPod

    I’m finally making the move to buy an iPod. Welcome to 2001, Rob Duffy, I know.

    Anyway, on the website you can get a free personalized engravement on the back. Two lines. But guess what? “Hello You Handsome Motherfucker” won’t be accepted by Apple! Either they don’t like profanity or know I’m not a handsome motherfucker. If it’s the former, that’s kinda weak, if it’s the latter then Apple really is a higher power.

    Can Someone Tell Pete Yorn That He’s Not Bruce Springsteen and He Never Will Be?

    I really love the first Pete Yorn album, but these days I think the dude is cornier than Ryan Adams. His upcoming live CD is titled “Live from New Jersey” and even includes a Springsteen cover. Pete, buddy, I’m from NJ too but you don’t see me trying to be like Bon Jovi. Be yourself, man, it’s okay. Seriously.