That's no spotlight…it's Billy's bald head!

Billy Corgan will play an acoustic show in Chicago on April 19.

Great product!!! Best I have found in several years taking medicines. ? Any trustworthy pharmacy will insist on a prescription from a health care provider who has seen you in person.

What’s most intriguing is how tickets will be dispensed.

For entry, fans will “go to a location in Chicago on a certain date, be 18 and over, present an ID and be assigned a date to come to the session,” Corgan wrote on his official Web site. “That way as many fans as possible get to share in something I have rarely done, and that’s let anyone see me work. I can tell you it is not that exciting, but it is interesting as an experience of what goes on behind the scenes.” (full story)

What I wanna know is if any of that will include sliding down the Bat-pole or climbing into an interdimensional telephone booth. That would be soooo rad!

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