It is Spring: May 7th @ Uncle Joe’s

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Friday, May 7th at Uncle Joe?s ? 154 First Street, sunny Jersey City
Crayon Rosary
The Slow Wire
Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer
Guest DJ: Jason Small of XOXO Records
9pm. $5.

We played our fair share of shows. Back in the MPS days, that is. We played some real depressing shows, some real thrilling shows. Most of the shows fell somewhere in between. All of the shows were fun in some way. Even if only for the car rides, the conversations on the way to the venue, or the meals afterwards.

On May 7th, at Uncle Joe’s, I feel fortunate to be able to host two bands that I actually enjoyed playing with. Back in the MPS days, that is. The Slow Wire – who we share time with on a Reinforcement Records compilation – and Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer – who we met somewhere down in the darkness and gravel of Pennsylvania, at an event that was more like a prom or a blood drive than a rock show. But, hey. We had a good time.

I miss those days. But these days are good, too. And this Friday, May 7th, will be especially good. Joining The Slow Wire and Zolof will be a band called Crayon Rosary, who I have only recently become familiar with. They were brought to me by another old friend, another who has shared memories of long drives and heavy lifting: Jason Small. We know Jason from his time spent in the band, Fortunato; a band that we were always happy to play with. Jason has moved on and started his own record label, XOXO. And Crayon Rosary call it home.

This Friday, Uncle Joe’s will be home to all of us as we reunite, shake hands, drink up, laugh, rock, and dance like mad.

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