Interview with Rye Coalition

Back in February – February 13th(!), to be exact – I took up some space here on our home page to mention how great of a time I had in spending an evening with Jon and Justin from Rye Coalition.

At the time, the band was just getting comfy back in Jersey after an exhausting, but wonderful, experience working with Dave Grohl on their first recording for Dreamworks.

I walked over to their apartment to discuss the recording process and get some info on the band, in general. I learned a lot, and came away from it feeling inspired and happy, while gaining a greater appreciation for the guys, both personally, as well as professionally.

In any case, I was holding onto the interview, waiting for further developments. Further developments went sour. As it turns out, it doesn’t look like the album will be released by Dreamworks or by Dreamworks’ affiliates. In my opinion, the label has made a terrible mistake.

I haven’t been in touch with the guys recently, but they’ll be playing a short string of shows in the NYC area, starting with an August 6th date at Maxwell’s, followed by an August 13th show at Plaid.

Rye Coalition is rightfully very proud of what they’ve accomplished, and want to celebrate it, despite the fact that there is no album representing their work, physically.

The old interview is now posted at Bridges & Tunnels. Though the album will no longer be published by Dreamworks, the piece still works to show the values that Rye Coalition hold.

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