2nd Anniversary Show — This Friday, February 25th @ Uncle Joe’s in Jersey City

In one of those rare instances that I’ve actually written something about music on this site, I mentioned how much Sonic Youth means to me.

I received a lot of nice e-mails about that entry. Thank you for that.

Now, in my mind, what I’m about to tell you is a big deal. However, I’m aware of the fact that it might not be such great news to anyone else. This is me trying to temper my emotions.

In general, I’m not much for idols. I couldn’t give a fuck, really. But, for whatever silly reason, the members of Sonic Youth don’t actually exist to me. They’re beyond. I’m only just lucky enough to be able to buy their albums and shake my head – happily, futilely – over their beautiful songs, thinking that I’ll never be able to create something quite as beautiful.

I’m sitting at the bar with Chris Lee, and he tells me: “You know, I have dinner with Steve every now and then over in Hoboken. If you want, I’ll let you know about it next time, and you can join us.”
And I’m like, “Uh, no. I don’t think I could handle that. I’m nearly shitting my pants, sitting here with you. Thanks, though.”

Alright, it was thousands of years ago that me and Emily were in love.
“I love you.”
“I love you, too.”
All that nice stuff, but now that’s over, and while I still love Emily, it’s different. Nice, still – yes – but different, of course. But you know how it is when you’re in love with someone. You kind of get to know that person so well – in such a special and distinct way – that you almost become that person. Or, it’s not that you become that person, but you demystify that person. Maybe this is not love at all that I’m talking about. Maybe I’m just talking about a good friendship. I don’t even know. I’m contradicting myself like Walt Whitman. What I’m getting at, though, is the fact that Emily – who I know so well and comfortably – is now playing bass for Chris Lee in his new band. You know how it feels to be a part of something that you love so much you almost can’t even believe that you’re a part of it?

Alright, the thing about that is this: Chris Lee and Steve Shelley are friends. Steve Shelley produced Chris Lee’s first album for Smells Like Records. Right now, Steve Shelley’s got some free time on his hands. For awhile, then, he’s spending that free time playing music, along with Emily, in Chris’ band, THE NIGHT LIGHTS.

I said: My ex-girlfriend, Emily, is playing in a band with Chris Lee and Steve Shelley(!). That’s big news, isn’t it? It’s crazy, right?
It is to me.

Alright, even more than all of that:
THE NIGHT LIGHTS, featuring Chris Lee, Emily Helming, and Steve Shelley, will be playing at our little rock and roll joint, Uncle Joe’s in Jersey City.

This Friday, February 25th.

Alright, here are all the details. This is a DONEWAITING.COM event. We’ll be celebrating the second anniversary of the site.

Friday, February 25th
Uncle Joe’s – Downtown Jersey City
9pm – the multi-purpose solution
10pm – The Gospel
11pm – The Night Lights
12pm – The Black Hollies

The Black Hollies, by the way, also have a show at the Court Tavern in New Brunswick that same night. Why don’t you catch the limo with the boys and go to both shows?

Here’s the poster that Seanie made for us. There’s one huge problem with this poster: Everytime I put one up, someone comes around and steals it.


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