I?ll call you Jag-u-ar, if I may be so bold.

I recently found out that I was born on the day Marc Bolan died: September 16, 1977. What does that have to do with anything? Nothing. It really doesn?t matter at all. No, it really doesn?t matter at all.

The important thing to keep in mind is that tonight – Friday, February 25th – we?d like you all to be with us at Uncle Joe?s in Downtown Jersey City.

It?s a special night: 2nd Anniversary Celebration. Two years in web time is like Methuselah-old in the real world. So, this is a big, badass deal. An unusual collection of wonderfully talented musicians in a friendly and intimate room filled with smiles and booze and Louie?s pouring shots and Jasmine?s winking at you and the music is far too loud but bring it on bring it on bring it on:

9pm ? the multi-purpose solution
10pm ? Chris McCoy and The Gospel
(all the way from Columbus, Ohio)
11pm ? The Night Lights
(Chris Lee, Emily Helming, and Steve Shelley)
12pm ? The Black Hollies

So much for so little: $5.
We?d like to get you all drunk and loose and dirty and sweet for the show, so get there early and have a drink on the MPS. Come and be real for us. Tio Denny made up some VIP passes. We?re gonna raise one to all our friends.

Uncle Joe’s is located at 154 First Street (off Marin Blvd.) in beautiful Downtown Jersey City – a short, happy stroll from the Grove Street PATH station and a few blocks past the Holland Tunnel approach, so it’s easy to reach by plane, train, or automobile.

?Cos you?re my baby / ?Cos you?re my love,

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