Limited Edition Damon and Naomi DVD Available for Pre-Order

This is a recording of their last date of their tour in Japan. I booked Damon and Naomi’s Columbus show back in April and it really was one of the best shows I’ve seen this year. I can’t wait to get this DVD.

We put together a set list that reflected the group we had assembled — the band’s choice of our touring material, from the new album and otherwise; plus a song by Ghost (“Awake in a Muddle”); a song by Kurihara drawn from his remarkable solo album (“The Wind’s Twelve Quarters”); and, for the encore with Mikami Kan, an improvised medley of our song that is dedicated to him (“Ueno Station”) with a traditional Japanese “enka” tune that he recorded on one of our favorite albums of his (“Sendou Kouta”). At the end, because the crowd asked for a second encore, and because we always get a bit sentimental in Japan, we played the Galaxie 500 song “Blue Thunder.”

The DVD is limited to 400 copies and is only available on their website. Tracklisting:

1 – New York City
2 – House of Glass
3 – Turn of the Century
4 – Song to the Siren (Tim Buckley)
5 – Awake in a Muddle (Masaki Batoh)
6 – Beautiful Close Double
7 – The Robot Speaks
8 – The Wind’s Twelve Quarters (Michio Kurihara/You Ishihara)
9 – A Second Life
10 – Araçá Azul (Caetano Veloso)/ The Earth Is Blue
11 – Ueno Station/Sendou Kouta(trad.)*
12 -Blue Thunder (Galaxie 500)


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