Last Night in Austin

Last night was spent with Chip‘s friend Kelly and his family driving around Austin, seeing a lot more of the town than we’d ever seen before.

After that we hooked up with their friends Keith and Molly and had the greatest meal of our lives, 15 miles outside Austin.

Click for photos and more.

That’s right folks, we ate meats upon meats at the legendary Salt LiCK BBQ. There was meat. There were singing cowboys. There were regrets the next morning. All in all, a legendary experience.

Here’s some photos of the pit:

Salt Lick

Salt Lick

  • reno

    we probably don’t have time to hit that place when 3qtrMS and I get there, right?

  • gurf

    Dude–It’s the Salt *Lick*, not Like, and it’s 15 miles outside of Austin, not outside of Texas.

  • robert duffy

    fixed. this is what happens when i write posts while watching panels at sxsw.