Ok whoa!

I’ve been an unabashed fan of OKGo (and apparently was the only Chicagoan to even pay any attention to their sophomore effort pre-“A Million Ways” choregraphy) for quite a few years now. With that in mind, I thought, yeah, that first dancing video was cute, but it got annoyng awfully quickly. It didn’t help that it was paired with what I thought was a) the weakest song on the album and b) an obvious Cardigans rip-off.

They totally redeem themselves with this one though. I am awestruck.

  • That… was… amazing. I love this band.

  • Wow, that was fantastic. I remember anxiously awaiting their first full length after I saw them play with They Migh Be Giants. I still love shouting at them to play “Unrequited Orchestra of Locomotion” They actually took my suggestion when they played the Grog Shop in Cleveland.

  • I love this bands recorded music. I wanted to love them live, but when I saw them at sxsw last year, they were quite disappointing.