Dayton’s Elbo’s Purchased by New Owner, Now Called The Roi

Awhile back, management changed at Dayton’s Elbo’s and things went to hell. This was chronicled in the message board here and here.

It looks like things are about to get better, though, check it out:

Hello, My name is Craig and I’ve been playing in bands forever(The Method, Lets Crash, Shesus, The Black Cloud) and I just had the oppurtunity to purchase the bar (Elbos) and I thought that this could be a great thing for the music scene. It fell into bad hands a while back and I plan on turning it around.

I’m opening Sept.1 and I have a lot of slots to fill and I would like to get this place cranking….Help me out. Send me something with an mp3 or a myspace link. If you want to bring another band with you thats cool too.

Booking contact:

Hopefully they’ll turn things around, Dayton definitely needs this venue.

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