R.I.P Daymon aka So What! aka Racist Joe

Word came yesterday that Daymon had past away. He was an essential part of the Columbus music scene. Although he was probably best known in the hip hop circles, Daymon was also active in the rock, experimental, punk and indie scenes. If he heard a band was good, he was there, and he probably got the word out to 50 other people. He really brought the Columbus community together.

He was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and this is really sad.

On the Weightless Records message board, Blueprint (known to you out of towners for his Rhymesayers release and being half of Soul Position with RJD2), wrote:

I was just thinking about this a little while ago. Dude was responsible for a lot of people in Columbus interacting that normally wouldnt have ever done so. Whether that be rock people and hip-hop people, or hip-hop people w/ hip hop people, he had that ability. He wasn’t even technically a dj, but rode for all the hip-hop djs in the scene and even formed dj crews and help dudes get nights so they could make money.

I feel like my fondest and strongest memory of him was earlier this year when he helped me and somebody else resolve some beef we were having. He knew us beefing wasn’t good for us or the scene and he made us sit down like men, talk about it, and squash it. I will never forget him for that, especially because i know that it wouldn’t have happened without our mutual respect & friendship for him.

There are so many classic stories involving him. He was a real character and truly one of a kind.

I’m still somewhat in denial that he’s actually gone. I swear everybody that knows him can say that they either talked to him or saw him out in the last week…he was that kind of dude. Even if you didnt know him you knew of him. This girl called me last night while i was out and was like “i just saw that one friend of yours–big dude with the big hair–at this art show down at surley girl”, referring to Daymon. I was like “word, that’s the dude.”

Rest in Peace, Daymon.

There are a lot of people telling stories about Daymon and saying their well wishes over here in our message board.

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    rip daymon