Flosstradamus versus Bloc Party


You probably have never heard of Flosstradamus. Hell, most folks outside of Chicago most likely were first exposed to them during their super-packed, bursting-at-the-seams (crowd-wise and music-wise) set in the Biz3 tent at this year’s Pitchfork Festival. Pretty much all that’s been available to the listening public have been a few remixes/mash-ups via MySpace, some of Kid Sister’s stuff, and their recent set on the Market Frenzy podcast.

Well, take a gander at what they’ve done to Bloc Party’s “Helicopter.” It’s not so much a remix as it is a total re-imagining of the tune … but it is a good approximation of what they can do live.

Bloc Party – Helicopter (Flosstradamus mix)

Trust me. They are insane. And they are going to be huge. Visionary. Seriously.

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