The Black Swans Tour Diary: Blog 1

Go live the dream with a box full of Sex Brain: Today we begin 16 shows in the same amount of days and as I pack and fret, I feel like Jack Bauer. This time out we hope for more of the same and less of it, too. Up, up, and up into the Northeast we go with another party called Lewis and Clarke, but I’ll call him Louis. Last time out, way back in March, I acquired a bald patch on the side of my head in the shape of an East African country. It grew back, but a few weeks ago the rest of the continent began to appear in two locales (by the way, it is okay for me to joke about this, but not you) so such is the the stress of tour prep, dealing with mixes from the new CD, and, mostly, LIFE. LIFE? So the Black Swans hardly seek to return with fame and fortune as we sink deep into 16 sunsets, so much as I pray for my hair to remain and someday return and that we all live to see another day plural. Stress Brain is a likely sequel(copyrighted!) but, for now, Noel Sayre (violin), Canaan Faulkner (bass) and I will huddle in my beloved ’95 Ford Taurus and sing songs from past and future Black Swans CDs to strangers and friends. Due to a strong appeal for more space in the back seat from Canaan, my gorilla will be left behind this tour, but the spirit remains and so will this blog until Sept. 27. Some call it the North by Northeast Tour, others the Dual Taurus Tour (props to L&C who have a similar make and model), but whatever it is called I’ll be eating some lobster somewhere soon. See you in D.C. –JD