The Black Swans Tour Diary: Blog 2

9-11 Let’s Roll: Back when ideas are ideas, someone like me thought it would be a good one to start the tour with no money and no practice (1/3 lives in WV) on 9-11. Flashback: So when you were wondering why the world stopped turning and others were thinking of putting boots up asses, I was at Target buying luggage to visit Vicki in London. Come back here: 5 years later called tonight we show up in Arlington and Vicki fixes us chicken and rice. Yes! The drive was the longest we’ll have, nothing doing at 7 hours, so bonding began. Silence. No one ate except the snacks from Melanie and some left over Swiss Steak Canaan had for breakfast. Show went alright, but proved you don’t have to go north to buy clams. I dropped some lines, lost a verse, Noel was Noel, and Canaan’s bass fought with another bass player humming from another room like a kick in a womb. But it was well liked and 9 people paid $8 to see us, so I was told, and so we made $4. Not much of a crowd, maybe 25, but fun. Hell, it’s Monday with history. Lou is L&C and he is good, so after 15 more shows I bet we’ll be friends. I’ll try to have a photo next time. Sorry.

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