The Black Swans Tour Diary: Blog 4

9-13 Rest in Art: I write to you from the location of my last blog, but a show has happened once again so here is my story: we had trout dinner from a soul-food restaurant down the street, played a show surrounded by metal sculptures made of tin, aluminum, and found metal in an art space in a giant compound of visual arts and studio spaces. The sound once again was excellent and the Black Swans played a pretty good show. We’ve played over 20 different songs over 3 shows now and if they didn’t all sound sort of the same and the audience traveled in our trunk someone might notice. Lewis and Clarke was great again, solo electric and something of part guru, part cult leader, his songs are elastic and he’s nothing like anyone else I’ve heard. The locals were sufficiently freaked out by Sex Brain, and so I’ve done my duty here. The other bands were solid and so was the promoter. We slept on the floor of the empty and finished warehouse, showering in the bathroom around 1 am, so we are clean for the drive to Philadelphia in today’s rain. Noel is sleeping in the parked car right now since we had to wake up with the opening of gallery’s cafe at 7:30. I just had coffee and a bagel. The Taurus seems to be having transmission issues at 152,000 miles (will I become the new little miss sunshine?), so cross your fingers and, if you believe in something, pray to it for me, we’re on day 4 and it feels like I’ve been gone for weeks.

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