The Black Swans Tour Diary: Blog 8, 9

9/18 & 9/19- Black Swans Two For One Day: You have been cheated but it is hard to hack into the truth sometimes from the road, so now you get a double shot of my love, and you’re not the first. Ate CT’s best chowder for breakfast, road into Providence and to Julian’s where we played for our supper, sold CDs, and freaked out the few people there. As you might expect, announcing, ‘here’s a song about blue balls’ only goes over half the time. But we were still riding high from the night before and morning we spent poolside at Quiet Life compound. I should also say we all enjoy Lewis and Clarke more every day. He’s a great singer, guitar player, and wonderful person.

I could tell you more about Providence but I won’t, can’t, so here is Boston… posters were in the windows of PA’s and we walked the town looking for coffee and violin strings. Ended up in a building where someone makes $10,000 bows and to my surprise stood outside the Car Talk office. They gave us free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, but no one could answer any questions about the Taurus which now has a stick that’s stuck, so shit. We drove to Portsmouth, NH to crash. How was the show? Deal gone bad and some are renaming the tour one more time. How you like this one? The Black Swans Butthole Tour. We sold some CDs but otherwise made $3.50 so blame the rain, blame the small amount of press, blame the blame but some were charmed despite it all. You would have a photo of chowder and Noel topless but this computer is not mine and the band last night played a song called ‘Moby Dickless’ hard-rock instrumental style and I have a sober ache in the biggest way. By the way, Abe who fixed the Taurus in Fairfax called to check on us. Good samaritan.