The Black Swans Tour Diary: Blog 11 (with Video)

9-22 Trees and soap: One of the things I like best about touring is trying out a different shower every night: cleanliness, water pressure, degrees of soft and hard water, hot-cold. So now I’m on day whatever it is of a new shower and had my best borrowed bath towel of tour at our new friend Steve’s place here in Burlington. The drive in to VT proved that when a highway trades its billboards for trees everything is better. The rest stop had some sort of odd sundial and no bathroom, which gave me my first outdoor pee of tour. Usually this happens on day 1, so better late than never.

The Radio Bean is cool with music from 7-1, and we took the 11:30 shift with the absence of our buddy Lou. We drank free Jamison and ate healthy down the street for $4, a combo the Black Swans would like to repeat as it makes us all feel good. Super small crowd as most locals left after their friends played, but had a good time, made $39 pass the bucket style and sold a few CDs. Steve just made us breakfast and has earned Black Swans Super Fan staus since he emailed us weeks ago with this invite and followed through. We’ll go to the capital city today, but not you C-bus, and I’ll dream of Providence, you know the one. Glad to be out of the big cities that never set me free. But I could use some of that butter lotion I sing about every night because my skin is drying out.

VIDEO: The Black Swans Live on WMPG Radio Portland Maine

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