The Black Swans Tour Diary: Blog 12, 13

9-23 Cloud People: The Black Swans post-SD pancake party took the ride into capitol city of Vermont through the sky, vision dipping as we played pilot through the clouds and the Taurus took flight without any help from Port Nowhere. Stood beside giant stone Thomas Chittenden, first gov. of Vermont, and then we hiked to the Tower where we overlooked the whole town. Noel busked and made $12 playing Sabbath to tourists, and we all think this should have been going on all along. Langdon St. Cafe gives us 2 drinks and grilled cheese, but we go the the health food store, Hungry Mountain, and salad bar it again as this is the Black Swans Health Kick tour.

We played a pretty good show, two more to go, but no one was there minus 7 people. Still doing different songs every night, 22 to choose from now, no set list. Drove right off to Scotty and Laura’s, 2 hour trip, to hang and sleep. I had other things to tell, I think, but just realized a Miller Lite bottle broke in my clothes bag that I stashed way way back in Richmond, VA years ago, and everything is soaked and smelly, little bits of glass everywhere. Breakfast is coming; I can smell it. Rochester tonight and maybe Uncle Joey will be there. I’m not excited to go home, but I can feel it nearing and everything that comes with it.

9-24: Sleep where you folk: Rochester on a Sunday night and the town is littered with Black Swans propaganda. 3 papers in this town (2 weeklies and a daily) and all 3 sport articles with photo about the show. Nice stuff, even get called a dirty Lou Reed. The A/V space is sweet, run by Joe from Carbon Records, and as you can see from the photo where our sleeping bags remain it is a good place to play and sleep. My hip is knocked in the night again from the hard wood, but I like sleeping on the floors. The show went well, sparse and diverse crowd, but attentive and we sold some CDs. We all played great, and goes to show that in these environments, scary quiet, our music holds together the best. We have the keys here now, so maybe we’ll stay forever.

After the gig, we took off Black Swans style for a bar called Lux, red and warm, where we shot pool and drank whiskey with Ivy and Crystal, were recognized by several from our hype machine. Sweet talked/shit talked coffee form a local roaster below us, threw away what we bought in Vermont as tribute. Canaan wants eggs and cheese and since he finished his ninja mind control book days ago, he has nothing to read. Noel is reading up on Seamanship, inspired by our port town visits. The Black Swans aren’t going coastal, but they do need a shower. This is what touring is all about: boredom, friendship, music. Tonight is our last show. I hate coming home, so does Noel, so does the Taurus, but Canaan has a life, so I think he’s ready and I would be to if I were him. Buffalo Gold! And a happy birthday Lou.

  • Holy crap. I can’t belive Montpelier and Langdon Street Cafe just got mentioned on a blog besides mine. I didn’t knw anything about them playing here so I missed it. Damn.