The Black Swans Tour Diary: Second to Last

9-25 Sex Brain Honeymoon: The Black Swans leave the home of Kodak with a photographic/pornographic memory of the tour to finish in Buffalo on Monday and just when we think there is little left we all decide to consummate our relationship in trad style by visiting Niagra Falls and indulging in the first Black Swans group shower. Niagra is a mighty place and somewhere I’ve been before, but the Maid of the Mist takes us deep into the heart of the beast with one back and that’s some place I love to go. We yelled and giggled and then took the observation walkway into a hurricane of splash that left us, head to toe, all wet.

We show up in Buffalo and end our health kick by going to Hemingway’s for the cheeseburger we all crave. Then, the Mohawk where we play our last show of the tour and heard, I hope, for the last time: “Elf Power is playing down the street tonight.” I like EP, but that’s the 5th time this tour and you’ve gotta blame someone. The show was alright and we played fine. Somebody taped it once again, so if anyone of yous are reading this, send the music my way. The Mohawk is a great bar, and Vox Humana and Tracy Morrow both played really good sets. Marty and Susan took us home and left us to our own devices. Excellent people that made the final night of feeling free- like a spirit, like an animal, like musician- all the better. Now we drive and there will be one more blog to wrap things up. 6 hours from Yes Direction Home is no-no fun.


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