MP3: The Sharp Things “Storm King” Demo


The Sharp Things are one of the bands that played my NEMO Showcase this past weekend in Boston, and they were super super great. Any sort of independent band that can travel around as an 8-piece gets props from me. Live, they were this great mashup combination of Elvis Costello, a little Burt Bacharach and throw in your favorite Irish drinking band for good measure.

Here’s a demo of “Storm King,” a song that should be on their new album sometime next year. Lead singer Perry Serpa describes it like this:

“no strings. lots and lots of vocals. imagine “tusk” era fleetwood mac meets the left banke. or otis redding colliding with the mamas and the papas. it’s about the tornadoes that come without warning and fuck up your life. we can all relate.”

MP3: Storm King (Demo)
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