New Blind Melon songs

Not quite 2 months ago we reported that Blind Melon was reuniting with newcomer Travis Warren taking over the lead vocal role (RIP Shannon). And now …. 3 new Blind Melon songs are making their web debut.


Check ’em out now cuz there is reason to believe that the band is only going to have them up for a few days.

What do you think about the songs? Leave a comment.

  • The songs are down right now :( I think it’s a technical glitch. Somebody is working on getting the songs back up right now.

  • larrymusic

    Dear Blind Melon webmasters,

    Is it really that hard to have a working media player on your website? I hate it when I get excited about hearing these things and they have to have their own special media player that doesn’t work.

    Just put the damn mp3s on there (at low quality if you are so damn concerned about theft) and let us hear the fucking songs.

  • Hey Larry, with this being the band’s reintroduction to the music world after an 11 year absence (I think it’s been 11 years), they wanted to do things right. Guitarist Rogers Stevens posted this on the Blind Melon message board:

    Hi All

    We’ll be getting the songs back up today. I had problems configuring the player.
    Me and computer = roomful of monkeys on typewriters.
    Also, burgeoning auteur Glen “Federico Fellini” Graham has made a really cool video which we’ll figure out how to put up. The problems we’re having are that we don’t want to use the myspace player (sounds terrible) or youtube (looks terrible) or show it to you in person (smells terrible)….trying for quality control here people.


    Patience Larry, patience. There is also going to be a video too.

  • Larrymusic

    No, I have waited long enough!

    j/k They have a test song up there now. That sounds pretty cool. Hope that is Blind melon I’m hearing because I love that singer’s voice, and reverb drenching is wonderful.

  • Anthony

    Those songs are horrible!! They in no way sound as musically interesting as the old Blind Melon music. It just sounds like more bland radio crap. And is the singer trying to sound like Shannon Hoon? God I hope not. I hope the guys in the band can respect Shannon’s memory that much. And I think it would be a great injustice to call this band Blind Melon. There is no Blind Melson without Shannon and those guys no it. Its like Alice In Chains without Layne. Just disrespectful. Its like inviting some other old lady to blow out the candles at your dead granmother’s birthday party.

  • stephanie e

    blind melon is one of my fave bands and im so exsited to hear the rest of the new it sounds wanderful : )

  • g

    Blind Melon is so fricken good! Instrumentally and vocally. But nobody….and I mean nobody can replace the meloncholy, lazy voice of hoon that goes hand in hand with the funky sounds of the instruments.