’s Favorite Albums of 2006: Robert Duffy

Time to roll out the year end lists. I’ll be posting a seperate Favorite Albums from Columbus OH soon, but for now here’s the nine albums I played the most this year:

1. Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins, “Rabbit Fur Coat”
There is a timeless quality of all of the songs on this album that really hit my brain in all the right spots. I’ve never been that big a fan of Rilo Kiley, but I am now the #1 Jenny Lewis fan. Even though this album came out in January, it’s still on constant rotation at the end of the year.
MP3: Rise Up (With Fists!)
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2. The Decemberists, “The Crane Wife”
It ain’t easy being a Decemberists fan these day, with the backlash at an all time high. But fuck it, this is a great album. This band continues to create a great world all their own, and with each album it gets bigger and more vibrant.
VIDEO: O’ Valencia!
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3. Dirty on Purpose, “Hallelujah Sirens”
While some bands lean heavier on either their songwriting or musical capabilities, Dirty on Purpose are a rare total package — mastering both sides of the equation. While I love the vocals, I would probably play an instrumental version of the record just as much. It doesn’t hurt that they’re also one of the best new live acts out there.
MP3:: Light Pollution (Live at KEXP)
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4. Centro-Matic, “Fort Recovery”
I love the way Will Johnson tells a story in songs, and “Fort Recovery” continues this trend. This band needs to be a lot more popular than they are, people, so become a fan pronto.
MP3: Triggers and Trash Heaps
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5. Teeth of the Hydra, “Greenland”
I admit that I don’t like a lot of heavy music, but when it clicks, it clicks hard. “Greenland” is an epic masterpiece, an album that shakes my organs when I play it loud. And that is a good thing.
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6. Silversun Pickups, “Carnavas”
I thought the band’s debut EP from last year was OK, and I was never expecting to fall so hard in love with their full length as much I did. I think it took me seeing them live for everything to make sense. Once it did, though, fuggetaboutit.
VIDEO: Well Thought Out Twinkles
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7. Essex Green, “Cannibal Sea”
There is something perfect about the male and female voice singing together, and there’s several great examples of that on the new Essex Green album. A great pop album, easily playable during any season of the year.
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belle and sebastian

8. Belle and Sebastian, “The Life Pursuit”
I really love the transition this band has gone from intimate portraits of life to the big sound of the last few records. Some say this is their best album in years, and I ain’t gonna disagree.
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9. Sonic Youth, “Rather Ripped”
I’m glad Sonic Youth is back in my life.
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  • Jon

    Rise Up With Fists is probably my song of the year – and it was released only about three weeks in!

  • I’m totally with you on the Jenny Lewis. How can Rilo Kiley be so bad when her own album is so so so good?! Between January and June, I probably listened to it more often than anything else (until the SY album came out anyway).

  • DAC

    All good choices…

  • erik

    putting jeeny lewis over neko case is a crime. hax

  • Adam

    good selection. it’s bizarre to me that people wouldn’t like Rilo Kiley and like her solo. amazing!

  • With all the slack the Decemberists were getting about this album, I had to go into listening to it with that attitude. So the first listen didn’t get much notice. BUT, once you accept it as the Decemberists and give it a second chance, it really is good… so good.

  • Whatever criticism the Decemberists received is undeserved. That album is fantastic.

  • John Erskine

    Wow, Bob, I’m impressed that someone other than myself even heard that Centro-Matic album last year. Fantastic tunes.. it was my top album of 2006.