The Black Swans’ Favorite Albums of 2006

We’ve asked some friends to give us their favorite album list of 2006. This one comes from Jerry from The Black Swans. You might remember the Black Swan Tour Diary we ran back in September.

Anyway, onto Jerry’s list:

jerry.jpgThough the webmaster on this here page is right on his list that Jenny Lewis should be on top of something, but I watch Youtube with the sound off, so cute sheets be damned and then knock the twee rambles of mainstream indie college grads out the window with her. Old men (and woman), some now gone, choked out all the best this year. Kids sound like children and I’ve been a man for a couple years now, so all gone home little ones without life in your blood/guitar, here’s what I heard this year, over and over, no order, nothing like money:

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