What it Means to Be a Mean

Recently, The Evil Queens’ lead singer Jacob Sundermeyer was asked to join the newly reformed Columbus band, The Means. This was a beloved band by many, so news of the reunion has made a lot of people happy.

The band is playing Friday, December 15 at Ruby Tuesday’s. I asked Jacob to tell us a little bit about what it Means to be a Means.
itsameansxmas.jpgSo Duffy asked me to compose something about what it means to me to be in The Means. I considered saying something crass and easy. Something that would make the crass and easy people nod in approval all the while avoiding the jabs and too-cool-for-school post-ironic singer replacement jokes. But The Means, and my place in The Means, might be kind of crass but it’s far from easy.

Three years ago or so Mike EQ tells me about this new band made of remnants of other bands I liked in town – Bob City, Bloody Matt Dillons, The Spiveys – some fabulous rock and rollers there. There are certain bands that, when you hear them the first time, they answer all the things you are looking for in music at a given time. The Means were that monumental punk freak-out band for me then at a time when I kind of figured nothing else was going to excite me musically again. At least not the way things do when you’re young and still discovering new territory. They were the ONLY local band ever, that every single time I could see them, I did. So when they called it quits, I wanted to punch them all hard – in the face.

Two years later, when Brad asked me to be a part of the Means, it was equal parts complimentary and
weird. Jason’s rock and roll boots are big ones to fill. It was like the prettiest girl in town finally asked me to the sock hop. So, hopefully I will at least do the songs even a little justice for the people that felt the way I did and still do about the Means. I sure am having a lot of fun trying.

MP3: Gimp, II
MP3: Charlize Theron
MP3: Australians
MP3: Cheap Whine
VIDEO: YouTube Archive

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