Eric Metronome Concludes 52 Covers in 52 Weeks Project

Our main man Eric Metronome has concluded his ambitious “52 Covers in 52 Weeks” Project with some fun songs.

The last song is “Lucky Ladybug”, released yesterday, by Crewe/Slay. I know Eric and his family love the Guv’ner version made popular by the Sifl and Olly television show, so it’s fun to hear the whole family sing on this song.

Check out these last covers, and remember, Eric has a great solo career of original music too, that we’ve helped release. Check out some of those songs here.

Final Covers:
MP3: “Lucky Ladybug” by Crewe/Slay
MP3: “Baby Blue Sedan” by Modest Mouse
MP3: “Untrustable” by Built to Spill

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