Dresden Dolls Ain’t Making Much Cash

I’m the only fan of Dresden Dolls that I know, but I do know they have a pretty strong fanbase. They’ve had some really big tours and, at least in Columbus Ohio, get a lot of radio airplay. So I was surprised to read this article on NPR about the band barely making much money to get by.

The article mentions the need to pay out $1,000 a day for a tour bus, which seems a bit excessive. They are a two piece! Granted, they need to lug around a piano and some other gear, but I have to think that if they wanted to save some cash, they could find ways to cut corners.

Regardless, it is an interesting read. I hope they figure out a way to make fist fulls of cash, cuz like I said, I do like them… (and so does my sister).

  • Is the bus equipped with a champagne-filled jacuzzi or something? Damn right that sounds excessive! ;-)

  • I remember years ago meeting this terrible heavy metal band when I worked at a music store. They had this really nice, if not incredible, tour bus and they paid $12,000 per month not counting gas or the driver. That was probably around 1990.

    No doubt, they are more expensive today. My band did a show with Will Hoge last year in Houston for about 70 people on a Wednesday night. I wondered out loud how they afforded that really nice bus in the parking lot.

    I’m thinking a van and Motel 6 would be a lot less expensive.

  • TCP

    Lots of larger indie bands have always toured in vans to save cash. Seriously, the net between that and a bus has got to be about $800 a night easy.

  • I haven’t seen them in a while, but IIRC, they tour with an electric piano.

    Even if they’re taking two or three people with them, it seems like they could get by with a big van and a car, which they could easily buy for the cost of a couple months’ rent on a bus.

  • Bill W.

    I heard this story on NPR (radio)…today. It was a bit unnerving. But, Amanda is an amazing person. As are they both.