The Sunday Nerd

Here’s some nerdy websites and applications that I ran across on Lifehacker recently that might be fun for you:

iConcertCal: This is a fun extension to iTunes. After you install it, go to the “Visualizer” window of iTunes and this application will show you a calendar of upcoming concerts in your area by bands that are in your music library.

Zontune: At this website, you enter in a band/album title and it will display the track listing of the record and then will let you know if there’s any videos for the songs on Youtube. Kind of a novelty. Example: “I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One” by Yo La Tengo

Jajuk: For Mac or Windows, another program to play and manage your mp3s. The player provides a lot of interesting ways to cut up your data, but I wasn’t that impressed with the Mac version. (plus no iPod support that I could see.)

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