Afternoon of a Thousand Bloggers at SXSW 2007

Expect an announcement on this one probably this week.

A lot of your favorite music bloggers (except me) joining forces (with Insound) for a two day, three stage event Friday and Saturday at The Mohawk and Club DeVille.

Bands from Merge, Matador, Barsuk and many more. There will be about 32 bands total. From what I’ve been told so far, it sounds like a pretty awesome event.

  • Colonel

    How does one get on a Invite list????
    Thanx—from the South-by virgin.

  • duffy

    no invite list needed for this

  • Colonel

    Thanx Duffy…but I mean in general. On Invite’s…do I contact Record Co., Join a club/list…sorry to waste space.
    But THanx Duffy and anyone that helps :)

  • trza

    Ask politely via email. Has worked for me in some cases.

  • We would be up for playing this if their were any slots?



  • Wish I could make it! Unfortunately, I’m on the Interactive side of bloggers, so I’ll only be in town March 9-13 :/