On a Friday Night


I supposedly drum for America’s #1 Sweetheart, even though we have yet to actually practice together, and I have yet to reclaim my snare from the dude who’s had it for the last four years, and I haven’t been behind a kit since that party at Rudy’s a year and a half ago. The main reason this hasn’t occured is because Kip got drawn into ex-Rockit Girl Gina Crosely’s new band, The Viv Savages, with her husband John and drummer Chad Romanaski (ex-Sarge, current-Dials). Am I uspet? Hellz no! Not after hearing what they’re been putting together.

Synthesis is a good word for what’s going on in this band. I can hear smidges and tidbits from every band each player has been in, and when it all comes together the sum is truly more powerful than its parts. You can hear a bunch of rough mixes of tumes they’re working on at their MySpace page, but i’m going to post their track “Friday Nigts” here. Why? Because I show up in the lyrics and I’m all flattered and such.

Also, keep a look-out for The Viv Savage’s contribution to the Triple Fast Action tribute album donewaiting’s own Chip Midnight is putting together!

MP3: The Viv Savages “Friday Night”

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