SXSW Quandary

too_much_rock.GIFI just can’t make up my mind.

I’ve got the wristband, but not the badge. I’ve got peeps to stay with in Austin, but it’s a couple miles from the action. Obviously, as our excellent SXSW blog indicates, there’s a lot going on down there, but it’s been a few years since last I went and I’m not totally sold on going.

Part of this is because it doesn’t seem like a lot of folks I know are going. Of course that may be a complete misconception. For instance I had no clue my friend Chris was going until he asked me if I was going last week. So maybe that’s how it is for most folks around me: we all just assume the other is going and haven’t thought to bring it up.

Also, it seems as if the shift has turned to day parties, which would actually be good since this would be the first time I’m working the fest with a press wristband instead of a laminate (the primary downside of this: no Pete Townsend keynote for me. Boo!). On the downside, I’m still scarred from my early years of attending and always having to wait until the last minute before scoring an invite to the Spin party which, back then, was the end-all be-all of fest parties. I’ve been told it’s different, and a bit more egalitarian now, but there is always that younger sting lying under my older, more weathered surface.

So what do y’all think, should Tankboy make up his mind and just buy the plane ticket? Do you know of anything that would shift me decisively one way or the other? Parties for me to DJ? Day parties I shouldn’t miss? Inside info you’ve been keeping to yopurself, waiting to spring with just this sort of prodding?

I reckon I’ve got to buy the ticket today or tomorrow if i’m going to do do it, so help me make up my mind!

  • Christ Tankboy, I had to read the byline just to make sure that I didn’t make this post last night after coming home from an evening of drinking. I’m in the SAME boat as you. The SAME. I’m deciding today (well, I’m finding out if I can get the time off work).

  • Sadly enough I was actually up that early getting ready for work. It just occurred to me LAST NIGHT that I have to make up my mind pronto!

  • DAC

    I’ve attended in recent years both with a wristband and a badge. I wasn’t able to always get into everything I wanted, including the day parties, but there is way more than enough to keep you happy. I say go!

  • TANK: this is my first year down there (i’m a newb) — so I’m going to be looking to seasoned vets like yourself to give me guidance on where to go.

    We can hang together. There, now it’s totally worthwhile. :)

  • gina

    hmmm, i’ve never been to SXSW, but it always sounds like fun. My friend down there in Austin has a boat…if I would have done some proper planning…i could have seen some rock and gone on his damn boat.

    next year.

    enough about me…..GO!

  • GO GO GO!!! Resolve that it shall rule and it shall.

  • You should go just to see Aaron Spectre destroy the place and then go eat at SALT LICK. Just fly home right after that, you’ll be fine…

  • Joeyyyy

    If you guys can score an invite onto the friend’s boat, then you will all be in the same boat. Cool. (Heh)

  • Joeyyyy, so awful!

    But so funny too.

  • Christina

    It depends. I personally think to make it worthwhile (plane costs, lines at food places, lines to get in bars, taking chances on if a day party will let in non-badge and/or nonwristband holders) you should have either a) a downtown crashing pad, or b) a badge. To me (8 years veteran now) being far from the parties/bars with only a wristband isn’t worth it. 6 years ago maybe, but not now that it has become a circus. Cost benefit it depends on how much money you make (and spend).

  • Mr. Smith

    If you can score a ticket for around $200, I’d go. I was in the same position as you last year, and managed to see a lot of shows, drink a lot of free beer, and have an amazing time.

  • homer

    I’ve got a solution to your troubles…how about growing a pair and getting down there ?!!?!? You can always do the st. pat’s pub-crawls in the arena district next year.

  • homer

    I’ve got a solution to your troubles…how about growing a pair and getting down there ?!!?!? You can always do the st. pat’s pub-crawls in the arena district next year.

  • ytre

    dont go if yer on the fence

  • Seasick, yet still docked

    You should definitely go. I have lived in Austin for 12 years and the day parties keep getting better and better. Shoot me an email if you have any questions. I’m an expert at mooching at the day parties every year. ha ha
    Here’s the full list, RSVP as soon as you can.