Times New Viking Present the Paisley Reich

Following close on the heels of their signing to indie powerhouse Matador, Times New Viking release a new EP on Siltbreeze, the rejuvenated lo-fi standard setter that released the band’s full-length debut, Dig Yourself. Present the Paisley Reich reinforces TNV as heir apparent to Ohio’s lineage of DIY aesthetes (e.g. GBV, V3, TJSA, etc.). The band’s fusing of high-art ideology and gleeful fuck-all attitude is heard as they posit cultural figures as archetypal deities to be torn down (“Imagine Dead John Lennon”) and draw lines between creation and destruction (“New Times, New Hope”). But such pedagogy wouldn’t amount to much without the harried and gloriously fuzzy rock-us the scrappy trio divines. The band compacts a whole album’s worth of pop melody, art-school noise and punk rambunction into the space of nine songs and about 16 minutes. “Devo and Wine” and “Teenagelust!” stand out as perfect songs for an imperfect world, with lyrical musings about love, music and restlessness laced with sweetness and cynicism. For all the thought that underlies each song here, though, it is the sense of abandon and sonic curiosity guiding the Vikings that makes this record resonate with certain amplitude.

Times New Viking will celebrate the release of Present the Paisley Reich on February 24 with a one-night musical smorgasbord at Cafe Bourbon Street in Columbus Ohio that also includes Mike Rep and the Quotas, Ron House, Envelope, Hugs & Kisses, Cheater Slicks, Psychedelic Horseshit, Sword Heaven and Clockcleaner. Note the EP is available on CD with extra tracks from a couple 7-inches and on vinyl with music on one side and the lyrics etched in the other.

MP3: Devo and Wine by Times New Viking
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  • ned

    I think the last band to charge $9 for a local EP record release party in columbus was McGuffey Lane. Congratulations

  • lisa g

    if you are name checking mcguffey lane you are not worthy of liking this band