Sabbath in the Park By Sabbath West

Sabbath in the Park By Sabbath West is happening in Austin’s Wooldridge Square (11st St.) on Saturday, March 17th, from 4-7pm.

  • jess

    HA! anyone know what the heck this is? The best I can guess is some kinda Black Sabbath Dance Party…?

  • DAC
  • dan

    Ozzy has been rumored to be ‘busting a move’ round 6:30.

  • Colonel

    WTF? please more info…don’t tease with SABBATH.

  • Austin Bob

    Sounds like a Havdalah service – guess all those Jews who control the music industry need someplace to say Shavua Tov to each other.

  • righteous

    what if it’s sabbath in the religious sense, as in day of rest.
    (damn heathens)

  • brian

    not sure if these have been posted yet, but here are end of an ear’s in-stores:
    \\ SXSW Instores \\
    Thursday – March 15th
    Suishou No Fune (Holy Mountain / Japan) – noon
    Benjy Ferree (Domino) – 1pm
    Dirty Projectors (Dead Oceans / Secretly) – 2pm
    David & the Citizens (Friendly Fire / Sweden) – 4pm
    Oppenheimer (Bar/None / Belfast, N. Ireland) – 5pm

    Friday – March 16th
    Danny Saul (Machester UK) – noon
    Rob Crow (of Pinback / Temporary Residence) 1pm
    Arbouretum (Thrill Jockey) – 2 pm
    Peter Walker (Tompkins Square) – 3pm
    Cyann & Ben (Ever Records / France) @ 4pm
    Ola Podrida (Plug Research) – 5pm

    Saturday – March 17th
    Kid Harpoon (XL, UK) – noon
    Blacklist (NY) – 1pm
    Ecstatic Peace 2 to 4
    Matt Valentine & EE
    Thurston Moore
    Tall Firs

  • james
  • DAC