Kathryn posted some food recommendations during SXSW. Definitely check it out.

Have food recommendations or questions? Post them in the comments.

  • Bobby Z

    the Jackalope is the shit. burgers are awesome, especially their special one with thousand island.

  • t

    kerby lane (kind of like denny’s but better) there’s 4-5 around austin including the original on kirby lane. there’s a heavy metal pizza place that serves by the slice off of 6th street, which is pretty good. I’m not sure what kind of food people generally like or I’d suggest more.

  • Yeah, the heavy metal pizza place is called Hoek’s. i love that place on principle, but the pizza’s pretty good too.

    But my nightly stop — the taco wagon on Red River across from Beerland. Best 2 AM post-rawk feast in town.

  • Peppah

    Pepper (see it kind of relates to food) will be playing at Wave on noon as part of Texas Rock Fest. They have some bigger names this year. Micah Wolf, playing after Pepper, is definitely worth seeing too. For fans of Jack Johnson, Donavon Frankenreiter, etc.

  • Peppah

    Noon on Friday that is.

  • texasheat

    two words: EL CHILITO

    great eastside joint

    hipster-approved hangover-busting tacos

  • Oz

    There’s a great burrito place called Chipotle. I’d recommend picking one up after a cup of coffee at Austin’s very own Starbucks. Both great joints.

  • brian

    chipotle is no good. freebirds is where to go for giant burritos.

  • brian

    and i think my sarcasm meter is broken.

  • Good choices… Casino El Camino is the best place to eat downtown. Great atmosphere and the best burgers ever. Freebirds is worth eating at too, although it’s not really “downtown”. Athenian Grill is also extremely good greek food downtown.

  • chuy


    – best wings i ever tried

    by the university. 24th and rio grande

  • Kent

    Agreed about Jackalope. Great veggie burgers too and I’m not a vegetarian. The Thai restaurant across the street (can’t remember the name) does a nice pho (although that’s technically Vietnamese) and good noodle dishes for relatively cheap.

  • DAC

    I enjoy the pizza on 6th Street at the small shops. Kept me alive last year.

  • beast

    I think we’re just going to steal food from bum’s

  • Lala

    Definately Jackelope. Two words: Onion Rings. And they open at 11:30am everyday. And that gourmet sandwhich stand they opened on Red River near Emo’s. It’s supposed to be decent.

  • Dan

    I’ll second the recommendations for Casino’s burgers (just be sure you have an hour to wait or order and come back) and El Chilito’s tacos. And there’s a great Korean place called Koriente on 7th St, next to Beauty bar, between Red River and the highway. Great food, not expensive.

  • Dan

    BEST WURST!!!!! More Kraut Please!

  • Christian

    Hickory Street Courtyar on Congress is absolutelly amazing.

  • Dalyn

    If you have wheels or some sort of transport, Tamale House on Airport is perfect for cheap hangover food. Cheap tamales and breakfast tacos.

  • jessica

    oh oh, the sno cone stand by airport and 53rd (?) area. soo soo good. i used to live right around there. visiting from seatte for SXSW and im soo excited!!

  • Kate

    Hut’s Hamburgers at 807 W. 6th has the best hamburgers in Austin and is cheap!!!!

  • arto

    home slice pizza. zen’s (take out sushi). iron cactus.

  • reppin atx

    No way! i know it sounds crazy… but Tamale house #3 on airport does NOT have tamales. No one’s gonna believe me… but i totally went there around 2 days ago… (and every other day i get up before 3PM)… wonderful joint… no tamales

  • Dan

    Yeah – everybody go to Huts! That will make the wait shorter for me at Casino or Jackalope. And while you’re at it, eat at Chuy’s and Guero’s, too. It’ll help keep the crowds out of the good Mexican joints.

  • Jimmy

    what is the best mexican joints downtown near all the shows? im talking burritos, tacos etc. and restaurants you walk into not buy from a dude on a cart.

  • spent

    i spent all my $ on a badge and hotel room. are there any good dumpsters i can eat out of?

  • sweetjane

    Jimmy, if you’re down on red river for stubb’s, emo’s, beerland, mohawk, etc. Jaime’s Spanish Village is right across from stubb’s and is delicious, but you’ll have to be patient.

  • Sinker

    There’s a great falafel stand on 7th, a block up from Red River….also Sausalito’s is open to 3am for late night mexican fixes….the holy grail late night is Thai Passion ( , just west of 7th and Congress (i.e. the one where you can see the capitol).

    If you are out of town and going searching for Mexican food do not go to Iron Cactus or Rio Grande (overpriced, and not worth it, respectively. If you want serious mexican head east of I35 or south of the river, owntown doesn’t really have much aside from The Cafe on congress.

    For bar food, BD Riley’s is typically pretty good, though I think they use a different/cheaper food supplier during SXSW. Casino El Camino is the best burger joint, but if they don’t like the way your dressed, they’ll take their sweet ass time cooking your order.

  • the best mexican food i’ve found in austin is at las cazuelas on east cesar chavez. plus, they have a conjunto band on the weekends. for burgers, i’m gonna have to go with sandy’s and casino el camino.

  • I love to taste some greek foods because they are very spicy.-;.