RJD2’s Live Band Debut Last Night

Last night, RJD2 debut his live band to his hometown crowd in Columbus OH. It was an interesting set, full of amazing moments and quesitonable choices. But that’s how it goes for the first time a band ever plays live.

Besides playing the new album with the band, he also recreated some of his classic songs with live instruments, and in some instances did a hybrid turntable/band song. I’d love to catch this tour 15 shows into it to see how the band tightens up and they tailor their set list.

What is not really discussed in all the press about RJ’s new album is that he also plays all the instruments. Live, I think he played every instrument except drums. Throw in his turntable skills and he’s a force of nature.

People are posting their reviews over here in our message board. Check them out and post your own, no matter what show you see on this tour.

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