Death to Most (I really mean it) Not Really


You know it’s not possible to murder all your enemies no matter how wrong and insignificant they are. You know some people think it’s a chess game. And you know that you could prolly take the chess board and break it. You could smile at the one individual that didn’t realize you could take the game, and throw it into traffic, have a car crash, and cover it up, because that’s how out of line the person that was playing chess with you was, and the universe would reflect your natural selection eventually.

Then you realize that wouldn’t even matter. So you try to mellow on some hippie, meditative shit. Like.. this is natural, and I am completely righteous but obvious solipsism renders it unimportant. It wouldn’t even matter to anyone but the most ardent devotee of truth or your best friend. Well, Deathly Fighter is here with their new bass tape, Nothern Aggression.

Bass, because, at the end of the day you don’t care about sentiment or politics (no one does when it counts or is practically applied, it’s cool) but they still have the concept of sensual and aural natural response. So it’s mellow, on some DJ Krush, ambient, I could fuck or cuddle to this but I am waiting for something to happen when I am really bumping my music. Well, Deathly Fighter is the moment in time when you are trying to cool out, and just enjoy relaxing, and that tense, angst in your head has repetitive lash out. The lash is a treble heavy, guitar riff that is constantly heard throughout in this recording. Like, you are chill, but even the cycle of anger lurks.

At the very least it’s the sound of someone getting a swirly at Outland.
I could be projecting.

At the end of the day, this recording is a weird point between noise, electronic music and industrial.
It’s the sound of content with the underlying aspect of the constant of animosity to everything that walks this earth.

Eh..really it’s just a recording by Smoke, Christian Weiland, and Mike Carney, that was done at the 3CB studios in the heart of downtown Columbus, Ohio, the true panoramic of urban renewal. It was mixed by Patrick Carney, Ike Turner’s drummer, and possessor of the cabal’s instinct.

Deathly Fighter is celebrating the release of their tape on Saturday at Cafe Bourbon Street in Columbus Ohio. Unholy Two, who knows the girl that tries to high-post is a cutter, and Swamp Leather, who doesn’t know what to make of either group but feels they fit in with both will be playing, as well.
Lookie Here.

MP3: “Track 2” by Deathly Fighter


  • patrick

    this scares and cofuses me

  • mikey


  • Hot Dog

    Ok, I understand these guys are your friends…you run together, whatever…but to give this even the smallest amount of notice as music or worthy of a listen is just insulting to the very existence of music. It’s every 15yo with their drum machine, delay pedal, ring modulator and 4track in their parents basment. It’s the listener sitting there waiting for it to end or turning it off abruptly. This is nothing. and the worst part of nothing is when it’s presented to be something or more than it is or both. DJ Krush??? Ambient, Industrial??? Autecher, Noiboten, Front Line Assembly etc…that’s ambient, industrial whatever.
    Cool, lets all make some music but lets not undermine, abuse and make dog crap of our journalistic privleges in order to pimp our friends band.

    This is the worst case of scene handjobbing I’ve seen in a looooooooooooooooooooooong time.

    Sorry to be so honest…I usually give it a try and give it a listen but shit…I even like those other two bands on the bill.

    I missed the joke didn’t I?

  • weswes

    most 15 year olds i know rap.
    they watch smack dvd’s and tell each other how much coke they sell.

    you not believe how many feds are looking for these curfew violators.

    when you see that 20 times a day, someone with a distortion,pedal, and a drum machine seems interesting.

    especially when you have sat through zillions of shitty rock bands your friends are in that you don’t like.

    before that.

    i mean until i started hanging out at bourbon street, i didn’t know any people that actually owned instruments.

    most rappers don’t even own microphones.

    when you respond you should state your name, so i can get your context.

  • hot dog

    This sounds faggy.

  • weswes