Passing Me By

Music consumption moves at an uncomfortable rate for a lot of music bloggers. You barely spend any time enjoying a new album before you’re off downloading and listening to something new that’s not out for 3 more months. I can usually keep up with the race, but man I’m falling behind lately.

I place the blame mostly on the death of my computer. Since early February, I’ve had to share an iBook with my girlfriend. Besides the usual “I WANNA USE THE COMPUTER NO ME” fist fights, things are generally very civil. I can partition out my own iTunes library and do my thang. But because I’m jacking her hard drive space, I’ve downloaded less, ripped less things into iTunes, and ultimately, less albums onto my iPod. Less consumption.

I’m just getting around to listening to the new LCD Soundsystem record. I’ve not downloaded that National single, nor have I listened to the Panda Bear album. I mean, I’m still enjoying the new Air album and OMG that’s like 3 weeks old!!!!!!!!!!!

In the end this is probably a good thing. Re-train my brain to enjoy listening to music pre-internet, when I actually remembered song titles and lyrics.

  • I think you’ll dig the new LCD (I actually went out and SPENT MONEY to buy a copy last weekend!). What’s most surprising about the disc, though? The HEAVY Bowie influence that keeps surfacing.

    I loves it.

  • There was a time when there WASN’T internet!?