DJ Abilities @ So What Wednesdays Columbus,Ohio


Rhymesayer Producer/DJ DJ Abilities was in Columbus recording a new project with Ahmed Gallab.
They were unable to perform the new material because, Feilx ,the third member of their collective, had to fly back to Colorado.
It still turned about to be an eventful evening.

Hip Hop pioneer Mixmaster Ice(pictured above with Abilities)
even showed up.

Videos after the break.

DJ Abilities intro

Abilities goes from the Liks to Outkast.

“I Can Break It Down”

Going from Ludacris to Planet Rock

Scratching over Paul Wall’s “They Don’t Know”.

Blueprint busts out a new verse about “Running Fools Down on High Street”, while Abilities lays the cuts.

Photo and videos taken by Juan Davis.

  • i see the blog category for chicago…but do you guys ever come out here?