Newish Music Blogs for Your Bookmarking Pleasure

Head on over to World of Wumme and Population Doug and add them to your favorite bookmarking tool/RSS reader/memory.

Wumme is run by Kevin Elliott, who is doing a lot of writing for Stylus lately and Doug is run by Doug Elliott, the secret architect of the 24th century.

Both dudes are based in Columbus OH, increasing the Midwest’s dominance of the entire blogaversity. SORRY NYC.

BONUS: Every Day is Like Wednesday is an excellent and often times hilarious comic book blog by film critic J Caleb Mozzocco.

DOUBLE POINT BONUS: Electric Pure Land is a music blog from Dusty, who is in Freedom, Sea Bird and other bands on the FBI Most Wanted List. (also Columbus-based)

  • April fools! He meant to focus on my newish music blog from LA. It’s awesome, but I won’t tell you why here.