Hippity-Hop MP3’S

Amy Winehouse-Rehab Remix featuring Pharoah Monch
So..Ms. Winehouse is quite the 1994 rap fan. First she mistreated Ghostface on ‘I’m No Good’.
Then she boasted her love of Nas on ‘Mrs. Jones’. Now she is detoxing with Organized Konfusion’s Pharoah Monche.

Skillz-The Timbaland Collection
Skillz offers up a mixtape of songs he did with Timbaland to promote his new album ‘The Million Dollar Backpack’.

Flosstradamus-Scion Music Sampler 17
Explained by the blogosphere’s next favorite dejays Flosstradamus
“Sooooo… we did this mixtape with Scion for Vice Records that dropped at SXSW this year. Unfortunately the version on the CD is not the actual version. Due to some deals not going through, and some of the foul language many songs were removed and the structure of the mix was altered. Here for your listening pleasure is the original, unedited version of the mix.’

  • You will note, Wes, donewaiting has long been fans of the Floss crew:


  • weswes

    chicago stand-up.

    the verdict is still out for me on “streetwear culture”.
    so i have a desire to front on flosstradamus.

    i am inclined to diss “streetwear” dejays, because as its become a cliche as bad as as backpackers in echo clothes.

    but since its dance music, and designed to make people have fun, i can’t front on this mix.

    so i would imagine seeing people get down to the flosstradamus guys would be a much better way of being introduced to it, then reading the internets, or interacting with pasty white kids dressed like the clipse.

  • Oh, we’re on agreement on that. I can attest, from personal experience, all those two guys are interested is in getting people to dance though!

  • toby x

    when i first moved to chicago, everybody (usually women) used to tell me i looked like the white dude from flosstradamus. it may have even gotten me laid indirectly.

  • weswes

    thats why you can’t front on shit like floss..
    in the end.
    its will get more people laid, than the average rock band..
    because girls will go out to dance and loosen up more than if they are just talking over there friends boyfriends band.