Columbus Represented

Last night Columbus really represented at So What Wednesdays. Place was packed, and very eager to get down to the Fonosluts, and Detox spinning Booty House.
Because of the overwhelming response Pos and Detox have given me a 90 minute version of the 2/11/01 Hip Hop Night that I leaked earlier this.week,
This 90 minute mp3 has Lozone playing everything from Wu-Tang to Whodini to Company Flow to ever cotdamn Milli Vanilli.
It has Przm’s booty house mix, and then segways into an open mic.
The open mic has freestyles by tons of cats, including Met of Sa Smash,Copywrite ,Jakki the Motomouth and So What aka Daymon.(This was prior to him dubbng himself Racist Joe)
A highlight of this freestyle session is Copywrite getting angry at a mc and dissing him a little bit on this.

The entire recording is hosted by Daymon.
His dad contacted me, and said he was thankful for the previous posted mp3.
It kinda tripped me out that his dad was listening to Daymon chant along to baudy Booty House. But it’s prolly an interesting thing fo a father to see his son in a different element.

MP3:Fonosluts 2/11/01 Long Ass Version

  • this is so dope…thanks wes

  • weswes

    shit is so sick
    the internets finally does some good.