This Moment in Pajama Party History

Before I get into the fact that This Moment In Black History is playing a house party on 4/20 and how everyone should show up in their underwear, I want to make a comment on pure hearsay.

There is a rumor that basically states in 1879 TMIBH drummer Bim had a funny conversation with OHIO’s version of Andre 3000, RJD2. Basically, supposedly RJ told Bim he was a hipster and he shouldn’t rap, and Bim was like I am black you white..

OR something like that.
Its prolly not true.

I could call RJ and ask, but then I would just have to type a preview that goes:

TMIBSA been doing it for awhile. Doods were in another famous band.
Steve Albini directed the play Afro-Punk. Loved the one album cover Mike Carney did.
New record sounds like the Germs. But really I only know 5 punk records so I could be wrong.

But back to writing on pure rumor, that rumour always makes me chuckle cause many times it seems like TMIBH hasn’t bought rap record since Public Enemies’ “She Got Game for Cheap” or whatever that Spike Lee movie about sex workering basketball players was called.

But it don’t really matter though cause This Moment is always amazing live. Anytime you peep them, shit is gonna be off the hook. One of the few bands, I always have fun seeing. Makes me want to start a Suicidal Tendancies based gang. They are playing a house party on 558 Sycamore and Parson next to CCAD. Columbus Ohio. Show is 5 bucks. Kegs and BYOB Also performing at this foam party are Muamin Collective, LMNTL, and Sounder.

Two of those bands are rappers, I am told.
So maybe the stuck on Public Enemy comment was dead wrong.
But hey I am dead nice.
I know what its like to be caught in the past when it comes to Hip Hop.

Nothing made me more happy then Cam’ron on CBS news talking about not talking to the police…

Beer bongs and beepers boooyee.
Don’t wear any pants.

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