Cam’ron & Stop Snitchin on 60 Minutes

60 Minutes did a story on the Stop Snitchin Movement last night.
They spoke to the king of absudity Cam’ron.
Here is the full segment.

I can’t really comment on the problem of witness intimidation and its effects on the black community. I can say putting Cam’ron on televison to give an opinion on this matter is a lot like throwing a bat on stage for Ozzy to bite the head off of. He is more than willing to play the bad guy for middle American white people.

They asked him if he would turn in a serial killer, and if major labels should allow him to call 50 Cent (Curtisss) a snitch.
How did they expect him to answer those banal questions?
50 Cent isn’t exactly the most sympathetic celebrity.

His best friend,Tony Yayo, just beat up a 14 year old.

I have people that interned at at the Asylum offices. They say Cam only showed up twice.

Once to spray someone with a fire extinguisher during a board meeting.
The second time was to write on the walls.

If you have read any interviews with him, you can see that he could care less about any label that he doesn’t own. Look at how he treated the Roc-a-Fella situation or the deal with Sony.

At Sony, he threatened to kill people until they let him out of his contract.
At Roc-a-fella, he refused to meet with Jay-z until it got to the point they had to drop him for being difficult.

Then he puts things out using the indie route, because the money is so much better. Either that or the AIDS rumors are true and he doesn’t care about major labels because he is gonna die.

This an ideal situation for him. He gets the infamy. The major will get the flack.
He keeps saying that he has only one album left and how he can’t wait to be down with his contract. No doubt he will channel all the attention from this to Diplomat records or whatever his next venture is.

He currently claims that Def Jam is looking like an option, which is funny given the rumors that Jay-z’s contract isn’t getting renewed. Regardless of the validity of those rumors, as long as sales keep slagging, and Cam’ron has a core audience, people will keep playing ball(in) with Dipset.

Diplomat quote from

Jim Jones: I would love to sell a couple of million records, s**t like that. That’s just me being a competitive person. It ain’t more or less for the fame. I’ve always been about the money. Money makes me, f**k the fame. In the hood, we’ll get you high before we feed you. In the game, they’ll make you famous before they make you rich.

You might not like their music, but the Diplomats do know how to broker exposure and use corporate America for their benefit. Now, if that benefits anyone but them is questionable.

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