Columbus Ex-Pats Updates

Aside from the Spoon and Brother Ali shows, Columbus has been kinda boring me this past week. The SEVEN Karoake nights, ZAS release party and many talent shows didn’t quite give me what I need.

It has actually driven me to quit drinking.

Throw in the impending shutting down of Little Brothers and The Other Paper getting bought, and Columbus seems a little bit shaky right now. Sometimes I think our city gets a little spotty because ot the constant brain drain of our best and brightest. Then the locals waste their collective time with cocaine and karoake.

So to give myself some stimulation, I decided to by check in on Columbus Ex-Pats via the intrawebs.

THOM LESSNER, drawer and singer-songwriter brother of number 1 restaurant starter Liz Lessner recently appeared on Darren’s Basement. From what I can gather, the show is a real-life Philly version of Wayne’s World. In the clip Thom’s band Sweatheart gets interviewed by kill bitches-get money rap pioneer Schoolly D.

PATRICK O’DELL & ANGELA BOATWRIGHT are former Columbus citizens that take pictures for publications like Vice, Thrasher, and Mass Appeal. They are showing pictures of young people acting or at least looking like they are up to no good in Los Angeles..

Lookie here at Fecal Face for more info: 200 Troubled Teenagers

Cam’ron has visited the C-O or at least made references to our City for 5 years now. That has to be similar to the duration of the Columbus Based sitcom Family Ties. So if the Keatons are from Columbus, so is Killa Cam.

This past week had Cam opening his mouth about not snitching, preparing the release of the new Dipset mix-album, and sexually harrassed by jealous stalker/TJ Max shopper True Life.

MAHSSA TAGHINIA used to work at Magnolia Thunderpussy and throw large scale multi-genre rock festivals for resentful trashdiggers. Now she runs the American wing
of rare record reissue brand B-Music. Recently B-Music put out Valerie and Her Week Of Wonders, a score to a 70’s Czech movie, and the “Hungarian Janis Joplin” Sarolta Zalatnoy.

So with all these people doing these things, is it really necessary for Bustown’s nightlife to be centered around singing Journey’s “Any Way You Want It?” and then looking for some coke to buy from a Clipse fan in a funny looking sweatshirt?

I mean. Times New Viking on Matador is gonna kickstart a lot things.
And Weightless’ has both new Envelope, and Greenhouse Effect albums on deck.
But must I really wait another 4-5 months for my hometown to resemble itself?

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