The Spider-Man / Venom / Bright Eyes Transformation

I consider myself a pretty big comic book fan with a handle on most of the histories of all the main characters. Imagine my surprise, then, when watching Spider-Man 3 I learned that the Venom costume caused a strange transformation to Peter Parker.

The visual formula:



Yes, that’s right folks. When Peter Parker is wearing the Venom costume under his civilian clothes, he looks strikingly similar to Conor Oberst, the man behind Bright Eyes. His hair gets darker and his overall look just gets a little more emo. And he likes to dance.

Now we know.

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  • Was Conor Oberst even alive when Secret Wars was published? Just wonderin’.

  • You’re right! That’s why he looks familiar!

  • emily

    dude, you read my mind. mental connex 4eva.

  • ????

    HAHAH I thought I was the only one who couldn’t help but see CONNOR throughout the movie xD